Truss Systems

Whenever you’re at a live show, concert, or conference, an integral part of the presentation is about showcasing focal points. It might be up on stage for a keynote speaker, the latest product by a high tech company, or accompanying the bad guy at a wrestling show.

What, quite literally, brings these points to light?

A durable, dependent lighting truss system, safe and secure for your riggers and technicians, but with that cutting edge to allow for your creativity to come to fruition. We create systems for you that are customized for your needs, be it by size, look, or shape, big or small. Your night club promotion, industrial show, or professional photography rig will never look or work any better!

Come see what over thirty years of experience and a thirty thousand foot working facility of creativity and industry can produce for you here at James Thomas Engineering. We are not only a leader in truss system design for all purposes, but we stay committed to the most important aspect of our business which is none other than you our customer.