Stop By and See Us!

This upcoming month, Live Design International (LDI) will be celebrating its 25th year as the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals in North and South America. As we have been for the last 25 years, James Thomas Engineering will be there to greet the over 8,000 attendees the event usually brings in – and we hope to see you there!

The exhibit will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Friday, October 19 until Sunday, October 21, 2012. As a manufacturer of a full range of Aluminum Trussing, Towers, and Lighting Fixtures, James Thomas Engineering will be available to participate in face-to-face discussions about our equipment and your upcoming needs.

From Trusses such as the Supertruss, Pre-rigged, Moving Light Truss, General Purpose, Superlite, Ground Support Towers and Roof Systems, to Lighting Fixtures like PAR Lanterns, Cyc Lights and Spot Banks, we do it all. Be sure to come check out what we have to offer at Booth 507, just to the left of the main entrance!  Then come out on Saturday, October 20th to support James Thomas Engineering President, Tray Allen. You can find him on the panel for “Temporary Structures: Production Basics for the Human User” in Room N241 from 1:30PM – 3:00PM.

Individuals from 72 different countries come out each year to the Live Design International to view the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge and replenish their creativity. We here at James Thomas Engineering could not be any happier to have been a part of it for so many years and we’re excited to have another opportunity to exhibit our work this upcoming October. Mark your calendars and we’ll see you at Booth 507!