Our Contribution to a Piece of New York History

It’s been a very busy and exciting few weeks for the Truss Manufacturers here at James Thomas Engineering.  Just recently, we have had the privilege of developing a Batten Truss for Pook Diemont and Ohl (PDO), a full service company for theaters, auditoriums, broadcast studios, entertainment facilities and more. This was then installed in none other than the famous, Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

This new Batten Truss updates an older system to provide Radio City with 420 total feet of truss to hang from. The new system has a controls system that monitors the loading as well as the horizontal location of the trusses.  Overall, this allows for safer loading on these 4 new trusses.

James Thomas Engineering and our Truss Manufacturers greatly appreciated the opportunity to provide products and services to a building such as Radio City Music Hall. So much of this building has significantly contributed to the history of New York and America alike and we look forward to any future projects that we may be able to lend our services to.