Light Up The Night!

One of the most important elements of putting together a concert of any kind is its lighting. Think about it; lighting not only points out key elements in the show, (i.e. where to look, when a song is beginning, when a song is ending, etc.) but it gets you really excited! One of the most popular lighting fixtures used for stage lighting would be the PAR, or parabolic aluminized reflector light and it just so happens that James Thomas Engineering is the industry leader in truss lighting fixtures such as these.

In addition to the lighting fixtures themselves, the spun aluminum PAR lanterns manufactured by our engineers are commonly regarded as the industry standard. Housed in a cylinder-shaped aluminum tubing with a flat, round lens that resembles the headlight of a car, PAR Lanterns are your go-to choice for lightweight durability.

Now while the bodies of these PAR lanterns are typically black or silver in color, other shades are also available if specified during the order. However, the list of colors that can be filtered through these fixtures is endless! Experience an intense ray of light as they light an entire stage and provide a wash of vibrant color!

You can even be sure that your lighting fixtures will be perfect for their individual environments as our engineers have managed to create both an indoor and outdoor PAR lantern. Regardless of where the event is being held, James Thomas Engineering will have no problem delivering what you need. We stand behind our work and we guarantee that you’ll see why when you choose our company as your PAR fixture manufacturer.