Every Truss is in Need of Proper Support

You could have an expertly designed and manufactured truss but it won’t really matter unless you have the proper support. A support tower system from James Thomas Engineering is integral to your super truss system and it is very important for you to know which tower is right for your system.

With our company, you will have four towers to choose from: our baby tower, the 12’ x 12’ tower, the 12’ x 15’ tower, and the 20.5’ x 20.5’ super tower. Each of our ground support towers are capable of supporting between 2,000 pounds or over 4 tons, depending on which one you choose.

The way that a baby tower from James Thomas Engineering is made is to provide an adjustable height to suit your requirements. It is capable of lifting loads up to 2000 pounds to a maximum height of 26’ in a 4 tower configuration, 18’ in a 2 tower configuration with the outrigger section fitted or 14’ as a single tower with the outrigger arms and section fitted.

On the other hand, our larger support tower systems serve as lifting mediums for a variety of Thomas trusses from 20.5’ x 20.5’, heavy duty, supertruss and pre-rig truss through to roof systems. They can reach a maximum height of 40’ using our 15’ tower and over 60’ with the 20.5’ support tower. These larger ground support towers are ideal for lifting heavy pre-rigged trusses and roof trusses.

Ground support systems manufactured by James Thomas Engineering are capable of accommodating the strictest of demands from the entertainment industry. Regardless of size or necessity, we are certain that you will find the tower you need right here. If you have any questions or are in need of more information, please contact us today, as we’d be more than happy to help!